TINY GIANTS (1987-8)
  1. Tiny Giants
2. More Than Music
3. [Notes]



Sometimes I laugh out loud
Then I wonder down inside
We go through life, drift through life
So unaware of our true size

We are all tiny giants
(And you just drift on by)

Tiny giants are true men
But the real world, it frightens them
So they stay, they stay hidden
Until outside is forgotten

We are all tiny giants
(And you just drift on by)

Talking about me and you
You know, you know the truth
Something we have to undo
No more small world views

We are all tiny giants

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It's more than music
More than a new dance
More than fashion
More than a posed stance

It's more than music
It's something to live life with
Beyond cheap slogans
An act of love, an attempt to give

We have seen a lot of kids drift away
And now they're gone
But new blood and old ideals
Help keep our vision strong

It's more than music
It's our life

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Doug Ernest-drums
Christopher Jones-vocals
Pete Chramiec-guitar
Darren Mock-bass (except bass on "More Than Music": Dylan Roy)

Arrangement & production: Verbal Assault
Engineer-Stephen Seltzer
Recorded 7.87 and 4.88 at Audio Matrix and Newbury Sound, Boston
Layout-Pat Mooney

Love and Thanks: Giant and Steev R., Stephen Seltzer, Carolyn & Mark, Tom, Chris, Dylan & Nick, Agnostic Front, Dolf H., Amnesty International, SANE/FREEZE, Misi B., Throwing Mooses, All of our friends in RI & across North America, & anyone who has written to us. Your support makes this possible.

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