ON (1989)
  1. Anger Battery
2. Exile
3. Immersion
4. They're Talking
5. On
6. [Notes]



And in the end our effort
Is water washing on a stone
Tearing away, bit by chip
History moves so fucking slow
It moves so slow
But it moves...

Build yourself an anger battery
To store all of your precious energy
Needing every single bit so we
Can wash that rock again

Come back again
To wear it down
Anger battery

There were times when our tides felt high
That we might sweep, surround and win
Just remember that in the despair of the later ebbs
That we can make it happen again

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To make a decision
That is just a process of elimination
A choice to two is not enough
I view both ends with mistrust

Told to love because another hates
No middle ground to mediate
Your reasoning is tyrannous
I view both ends with mistrust

I feel like I'm an exile
And I think of you
I feel like I'm in exile
And I can't get through

Can't you remember the painful strife
And untold waste of human life
For arrogant judgment of their crimes
We've been too wrong too many times

And those who wish to continue on
Acting as if there's nothing wrong
Blinded by your false pride
We sit and watch and help them die

As the extremes push their ends
I watch as the lines begin to bend
As tactics fail in self defeat
I watch as the ends begin to meet

I walk away


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This is a theme
And a feeling

Return to the sea
An ocean as home
Feel it surround
As it gently tries
To pull you down
I need to go back
To edify
Try to regain what I lack
As it starts to cover
Feel it-you're being smothered

Into the sea
That immersion
Begs for brevity

Into the sea
I won't be swallowed
If I don't follow
Other's lead

There is a time
And a place

Like a sinking stone fact
Beneath, this blue water
Turns inky black
And I start to wonder
Will I be sucked under
Into the sea

Into the sea
So I know the signs
I know there's time
Enough for me to leave

Into the sea
Wash away the tears
Try to drown fears
That's what it'll do to me

There is knowledge
In this emotion

And I know
This is a place
I can not stay
And I know
I love this place
I can not stay
Because I know
Survival instinct
Will tear me away
Into the sea

Into the sea
Wash away tears
Try to drown fears
That's what it'll so to me
Into the sea
Learn that immersion
Begs for brevity

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When money talks, its cries
Drown out the voices
Of those trampled beneath
Their feelings and their lives
So misery lies in the street
And I try to draw a line
Between my drives and needs
But I don't know where it lies

They are all talking

When doubt talks, it murmurs
I always hear
Influencing choices
Blurs what should be clear
Competing voices
Make me fear
These murmurs are deafening my ear

In this confusion
I feel unsure
Like I feel infected
While I talk of a cure
Remnants always left
From attempts to break away
Now I'm just wondering
If I mean what I say

They are all talking

When fear talks, it screams
Straight inside
Coerced surrender
Action forced to bind
Looking, I see nothing of worth
On the other side
Left somewhere I don't want to be
To watch the march of time

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Like crowded teeth
This grows inside
Must it come out
It feels like every hardened chunk
Tears me apart
Yet I put it down
And I put it on
I put these words
On around my head
I wear them like a jewel
And I wear them like a scar

A roar starts in my ear
It's on
Bright shining light
And a heat that sears
It's on

So we go on

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Christopher Jones-vox
Pete Chramiec-guitars
Darren Mock-bass
Doug Ernest-drums

Recorded and mixed 7.10-13, 7.17-19 1989
Inner Ear Studios
Engineered by Eli Janney

Music-Chramiec (Except "Exile"-Chramiec and Tom Gorman)
Arrangement-Verbal Assault
Production-Verbal Assault
Graphics and Artwork-Mock and Jones
Typesetting and layout-Seth 'DC' and Mock

Thanks to parents, friends, past members, and all who helped out.

These lyrics are for Dean Albertson, 1920-1989.

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