EXIT (1991)
  1. Tools & Drugs
2. Grounded
3. [Notes]



Phrases of praise or hate
Created for the call
Or made for paint
To spray paint on the walls

Words are like a drug sometimes
A slogan is a tool of mine
So you ever find yourself, sometimes
Hungry and blind?

I know that you can
That the truth will not be heard
In a handful of words

And we ask why
Can she changes beliefs
Like her clothes, like her hair
You ask, "Do they care?"
I don't think so

Lives on slogans-makes me hungry
Lives on slogans-leaves me empty
Lives on slogans-makes me angry
Lives on slogans

When they reign, we're poor
We have got to know more
Than slogans

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My mind flies a mile ahead
Of my heart which just leaves
As the rest of me arrives

I go to remind myself not to think
(But I forget)
Down it to get grounded
I can't tell you if I've found it yet

Down it to get grounded
It's never a safe bet

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The instrumental "Exit" is dedicated to John St. John 1968-1991.
Recorded July 1991 at Inner Ear Studios, Washington, DC
Engineered by Don Zientara
All material was written, arranged & produced by Verbal Assault

Doug Ernest-drums
Christopher Jones-vocals
Pete Chramiec-guitars
Dylan Roy-bass

Thanks and love: Friends and family, Hetty Zwart, Dolf, Dave Chase, Jay Toste, Chris Gorman, Tom Gorman, Nick Barbato and everyone who gave help along the way.

Verbal Assault played their first show September 24, 1983.
Their last show was August 4, 1991.

Artwork and layout by Christopher Jones, Andre & JW (w·e·r·k).

Photo by Chris Gorman

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