the "where are they now?" file

pete chramiec

Pete Chramiec played guitar and sang for Rain Like the Sound of Trains from 1991 To 1995. He toured occasionally with Lois, and formed a side project with Aaron Stauffer (Seaweed) called Not From Space. He has been playing with William Goldsmith (ex-Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters), and lives in Olympia, WA, building houses.

chris gorman

Chris Gorman (who has contributed many photos to V.A. throughout the years, including a lot on this site) played drums for Belly from 1992-1995. He lives in New York, and works in commercial and artistic photography with his brother, Tom. Their website is at

tom gorman

Tom Gorman played guitar for Belly from 1992 to 1995. He is now a commercial photographer, working with his brother, Chris (see above). He lives in New York City.

doug ernest

Doug Ernest lives in Newport, R.I. with his wife, Beth, and stepson, Zach Grassi.
He currently plays with a local reggae band, The Ravers, and the punk band
Big World.

 darren mock

The last we heard, Darren Mock was running a label called Drunken Fish Records, living in San Francisco with his wife and his daughter, Hannah.

Darren, where are you, man? Drop us a line!

dylan roy

Dylan Roy toured for a few years with blues guitarist Eddie Kirkland, the punk band The Peasants, and is currently playing with Primitive Ritual and The Bob Kendall Band. He hopes to have a CD of his solo material (with Doug Ernest on drums) available later this year. He lives in Providence, RI.

chris jones

Chris Jones (shown here demonstrating his skills that pay the bills at his hometown's finest Italian restaurant) received a degree in History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst after VA split up. He then worked as a roadie and tour manager for various bands (Belly among them). He remains, stubbornly, in Newport, RI.



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